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Takamori Town is located at the easternmost point of Kumamoto Prefecture, bordering the three prefectural borders of Bungo, Hinata, and Higo, and has developed as a land where various resources, knowledge, and techniques are gathered.
The symbol of the town is Mt. Neko, one of the five Aso mountains, with an altitude of 1,408 meters (eastern peak). The ridges overlap from east to west like a saw blade, and a huge Tenguiwa rises in the center.
From its mysterious appearance, many myths and folk tales related to Mt. Neko are left behind.



Takamori Town has been ruled by the Aso clan, its descendants, since Takeiwatatsu no Mikoto, the grandson of Emperor Jimmu, was ordered to protect Kyushu and went down. ..

In the Warring States period, a series of troops broke out in Japan, and in 1586, Takamori Castle, which continued to resist the invasion of Satsuma's Shimazu until the end, fell, and Aso, who was proud of his mightyness, was also captured. After the unification of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it became the territory of its vassals, Sassa Narimasa and Kato Kiyomasa.

During the Edo period, it became the territory of the Hosokawa clan, and its rule extended to the first year of the Meiji era. In this Hosokawa domain, each county has a gundai (gun magistrate), and Honmachi is under the jurisdiction of Nango gundai. The county was divided into several wards of Tenaga, and the Honmachi jurisdiction was under the control of Takamori Tenaga and Nojiri Tenaga.

In 1902, with the enforcement of the municipal system, the administrative divisions of 1 town and 13 villages were integrated into 1 town and 3 villages: Takamori Town, Shikimi Village, Kusakabe Village, and Nojiri Village.

In 1953, the Municipal Merger Promotion Law was enacted, and in April 1955, Takamori Town, Shikimi Village, and Kusakabe Village merged. Subsequently, in August 1957, Nojiri Village was merged and the present Takamori Town was born.

The four seasons of Takamachi A year in Takamori showing the faces of the four seasons


It is a particularly comfortable climate for animals and plants, with flowers sprouting and hibernating animals coming down from the mountains. Events with themes such as cherry blossoms and angelica trees are held, and many wild plants such as cod buds can be harvested.


The temperature is lower than other areas in the prefecture, and even in August, there are few days when the temperature exceeds 30 ° C, so you can spend comfortably without air conditioning. In addition, summer vegetables grown in cold regions are delicious.


It is the season when many events are held, from local events such as harvest festivals to large events for the outside of the town. Food is also delicious, but due to the short summer, it gets cold early, so you need to be careful about your physical condition.


It is a region where the cold is so severe that it used to be covered with several meters of snow.
In January, an event called "Dondoya" is held to pray for a good harvest and a good harvest.


ICT environment New education plan for Takamori Town

Takamori Town has an optical fiber network for the purpose of "providing administrative information to all households in the town."
As a result, the communication environment throughout the town has been dramatically improved, and the content of administrative services provided has changed significantly.

Kumamoto Prefecture Takamori Town New Education Plan

We take pride in Takamori, have dreams, and promote energetic education.

Foster solid academic ability and rich heart for Takamori children.

Promote building a school with the community that makes the best use of Takamori's regional strength.

Promote improvement of educational environment in collaboration with Takamori Town administration.

"Activation of Takamori Town Education Study Group" to improve the qualities of Takamori Town faculty and staff.

We are working on the following with priority measures for integrated elementary and junior high school education and hometown education based on community schools.

1.Introducing a community school

Since 2015, we have been conducting a "new school model construction project in collaboration with the chief bureau" as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

2.Elementary and junior high school integrated education

"English education strengthening area base project" as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from 2015 ... 4 schools in the town block, designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a research and development school.

3.Promotion of hometown education

●Founding of "Takamori Furusato Gaku"
● Created "Our Takamori Town" as a supplementary reader for elementary school social studies.
● Created "Takamori no Kokoro" as a supplementary reader for elementary and junior high school moral education.

4.Improvement of educational environment

● Improvement of ICT environment for all elementary and junior high schools, introduction of electronic blackboards, digital textbooks, tablet PCs, etc.
● Placement of faculty members who bear the town expenses
● Enhancement of educational consultation and child-rearing support

Since 2015, as a project commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, we have been conducting a "demonstration project to improve the quality of education by utilizing ICT in a declining population."

5.Revitalization of Takamori Town Education Study Group

● Improving the quality of faculty and staff centered on the principal
● Promotion of Takamori Town Education Plan

Child-rearing environment In Takamori Town, we support dads and moms who are raising children.

When a baby is born

Birth congratulations

First child 50,000 yen
Second child 100,000 yen
Third child 200,000 yen

Baby visit by insurer

2-3 months after birth

Infant medical examination

Physical measurement, interview, medical examination,
Health guidance, nutrition guidance, etc.

Child care support

Medical expenses subsidy

We will subsidize medical expenses from infants to high school students (* 1) who are insured or dependents under each social insurance law and receive medical care by going to hospital or hospitalization.


As part of the NPO Book Start activities, we will present "picture books" and "experiences to enjoy picture books with babies".

Free gift of school bags, etc.

Physical measurement, interview, medical examination,
All new first graders will be presented with a school bag or gift certificate (50,000 yen worth) for purchasing school supplies and school supplies from the town.

(* 1) From April 1, 2016, " Takamori Town Children's Medical Expenses Subsidy Program "is the first March after the day when the target age is 18 years old. We will expand and subsidize by the 31st.
However, those who are married or working as members of society (other than working students) are excluded.

Child-rearing support center

Experienced staff with qualifications as nursery teachers and elementary school teachers will provide childcare information and stress relief, such as making friends between parents, counseling on childcare food education, and seminars.

Opening date
Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Opening time
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Target audience:
-Preschool infants and their guardians / pregnant women living in the town block
-Preschool infants and their guardians / pregnant women returning home to the town
-Preschool infants and their guardians / pregnant women in neighboring towns and villages
Contact information
Takamori Town Child Care Support Center

Takamori Kindergarten also supports child-rearing!

Takamori Kindergarten

At Takamori Kindergarten, we have set up a child-rearing companion club (acorn club) as a gathering for preschoolers and their parents, and hold roundtable discussions and parent-child gymnastics.

Opening date
Twice a month
* Please contact us directly as it is uncertain due to events.
Participation fee
It is a non-membership system (even people outside the town are OK), and it is a style that you can gather when you can participate.
Contact information
Takamori Kindergarten TEL.0967-62-0094

Medical facilities in the town

Department Hospital name Residence phone number
Internal department Mahara Internal Medicine Clinic 1678 Takamori, Takamori Town 0967-62-0646
Watanabe General Internal Medicine Clinic 2022-3 Takamori, Takamori Town 0967-65-2201
External department Nangoya Orthopedic Clinic 2186-1 Takamori, Takamori Town 0967-62-3351
Dental Katayama Dental Clinic 993-5 Takamori, Takamori Town 0967-62-1971
Mimori Dental Clinic 1973-3 Takamori, Takamori Town 0967-62-2005

Educational facilities in the town

Department school name Residence
Kindergarten Takamori Kindergarten 1949-1 Takamori, Takamori Town
Nursery Colored nursery school Takamori Town Shikimi 1135
Takamori Nursery School 1610 Takamori, Takamori Town
Takamori Higashi Nursery School 1894-1 Nojiri, Takamori-cho
Elementary school Takamori Higashi Gakuen Obligatory Education School (elementary and junior high school) 1897 Nojiri, Takamori-cho
Takamori Chuo Elementary School 1100 Takamori, Takamori Town
Junior high school Takamori Higashi Gakuen Obligatory Education School (elementary and junior high school) Takamori Town Nojiri 1912
Takamori Junior High School 1955 Takamori, Takamori Town
High school Kumamoto Prefectural Takamori High School 1557 Takamori, Takamori Town

Disaster-related information

Information on evacuation shelters in each area in the event of a disaster and contact information such as lifelines will be provided.

Refugee shelter information

Ground area Facility name Residence phone number
Takamori Takamori Chuo Elementary School Gymnasium Takamori 1100 0967-62-0038
Takamori Junior High School Gymnasium 1955 Takamori 0967-62-0226
Takamori High School 1557 Takamori 0967-62-0185
Takamori Center 2168 Takamori 0967-62-1111
Takamori Town Fuyokan 1258 Takamori 1 0967-62-2158
Takamori Tourist Information Center Takamori 1614-3 0967-62-2233
Showachiku Community Center Takamori 1539-3
Ryohei Elementary School Gymnasium Minamiaso Village Ryohei 995 0967-62-0126
Yusui Tunnel Parking Lot Takamori 1057-14 0967-62-3331
Takamori Chuo Elementary School Ground
Takamori Junior High School Ground
Takamori High School 2nd Ground
Aso Forestry Association Takamori Branch Tree Storage Takamori 2823-2 0967-62-0769
Color look Colored Lifelong Learning Center Gymnasium Shikimi 1136
Color Viewing Center Shikimi 1135
Colored nursery school Shikimi 1135 0967-62-2600
Colored Lifelong Learning Center Parking Lot Shikimi 1136
Kamishikimi Takamori Town Gymnasium Kamishikimi 2813 0967-62-2991
Takamori Town Gymnasium Ground Kamishikimi 2845
Kusabe Kusabe General Center Kusabe 2286
Kusabe General Center Ground Kusabe 2286
Kusabe Lifelong Learning Center Gymnasium Seriguchi 1533 0967-62-2225
Kusabe Lifelong Learning Center Ground Seriguchi 1533
Takamori Nature School 223 Yatsuda
Takamori Nature School Ground 223 Yatsuda
Nojiri Takamori Higashi Gakuen Obligatory Education School (former Takamori Higashi Elementary School Gymnasium) Nojiri 1897 0967-65-0022
Takamori Higashi Gakuen Obligatory Education School (former Takamori Higashi Junior High School Gymnasium) Nojiri 1912 0967-65-0023
Takamori Higashi Gakuen Obligatory Education School Ground
Takamori Higashi Elementary School Gymnasium Nojiri 1897 0967-65-0022
Takamori Higashi Junior High School Gymnasium Nojiri 1912 0967-65-0023
Kawahara Lifelong Learning Center Gymnasium 3113 Kawahara
Kawahara Lifelong Learning Center Ground
Kawahara General Center
Takamori Town Tomoyukan 43 Tsuru 1 0967-65-0211
Takamori Town Tomoyukan Ground 43 Tsuru 1
Former Onoshita Elementary School Ground 3920 Onoshita
Onoshita Gymnasium 3920 Onoshita
Welfare shelter Community-based elderly people with dementia
Group home Aso "Waraku, Kiraku"
Takamori 2132-1 0967-63-1165
Special nursing home for the elderly "Umekaen" Takamori 3175 0967-62-3111
Community-based special nursing home for the elderly
Takamori 993-8 0967-62-1001
Rissho Welfare Association "Takamori Dormitory" Shikimi 822 0967-62-1780

List of contact information for public institutions, lifelines, etc.

Emergency report to the police (accident / incident) 110th Takamori Police Station 0967-62-0110
Emergency report to fire department (fire / injury) 119 Aso Wide Area Administrative Office Fire Department 0967-34-0024
Aso Wide Area Administrative Office South Division 0967-62-9034
Nojiri grass part station 0967-64-0219
Takamori Town Fire Brigade Headquarters 0967-62-1111 (ext. 113)
Office / branch office Takamori Town Hall 0967-62-1111
Kusabe branch office 0967-64-0211
Nojiri branch office 0967-65-0211
Kumamoto Prefecture Organization Aso District Promotion Bureau 0967-22-1111 (emergency dial)
Lifeline related organizations Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc. Ozu Sales Office 0120-986-602
NTT West Aso Sales Office 0967-22-0977
Takamori Water Services Association 0967-62-0248
Takamori Gas Delivery Association 0967-62-0025
Kai Shoten 0967-64-0012
JA Aso Takamori Gas Station 0967-62-2678
Takamori Petroleum Cooperative 0967-62-0628
Takamori Town Construction Industry Association 0967-62-1158
Nikken Technician Association Aso Southern Branch 0967-62-3325
Nojiri Technician Association 0967-65-0217
NTT Disaster Message Dial No. 171

Traffic information Please come to Takamori Town.

Those coming by car

The access route to the Aso area, which had been disrupted due to the Kumamoto earthquake in April 2016, has been restored and opened.
On October 3, 2020, the restoration route on the north side of National Highway No. 57 (Futaenotoge Tunnel Route) was opened, and the current route of National Highway No. 57 was restored.
In addition, it is a bridge from National Highway No. 57 to the Minamiaso area, and the collapsed Aso Ohashi has been revived as the new Aso Ohashi.
When you come to the Aso area, please check the road traffic information that can be passed to the Aso area published by the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

●Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Road Traffic Information ⇒

Those coming by bus

The Kyushu Sanko Bus "Rapid Takamori" operates four times a day.
About 3 hours from Kumamoto station square (9: 58/11: 58/16: 26/18: 39) to Takamori Chuo. (As of April 1, 2021)
For details, please check the Sanko Bus website.

【Sanko Bus Portal Site】

Those coming by train

Transfer to the Hohi Main Line from "Kumamoto Station" on the Kagoshima Main Line and get off at "Tateno Station".
Please change to the Minami-Aso Railway and come to the end point "Takamori Station".
* As of 2021, the Minami-Aso Railway is closed from Tateno Station to Nakamatsu. The entire line is scheduled to open around the summer of 2023.

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